catch kathmandu wordpress full background trick

catch kathmandu full backgroundI noticed on the free version of the catch kathmandu wordpress theme. There is was no option for a full background image. This is easy to fix. All you need to do upload the background image use, in the “Custom Background Color” section. This can be found here: Appearance > Background. Then just make sure to put select no repeat. Once you do that go to the custom css section and paste in the following code:

body {
background-size: 100% 100%;

Then you should have a full width background like this one.


WordPress blogs Strengths – Why WordPress blogs Suits You And Websites

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbWhen you start off creating a web business, if you are folks discussing that they are employing Live journal as his or her desired cms to create a web site. Just in case you could be influenced to money the buzz and attempt one thing besides Live journal, consider some of the positive aspects it includes, and why it really is good for you and your website. Your internet site is actually your internet go shopping windows therefore, the process you make use of is significant.

As the net has created much more consumers are enjoying its everyday living to make use of it as an approach of holding a job. Consequently much more consumers are publishing internet websites. The majority of these are not familiarized with web page technology and design and in the position to buy a web page their selves with not much techie know-how. The reason they will do this is due to the actual by which nearly anybody can buy a Live journal web page. Whenever you can place and then click your working computer sensitive mouse, you may organize an internet site applying Live journal.

When i reached do the job on the net, my teaching was a student in taxes and reports however I am in the position to incredibly simply discover how to use Live journal and hang up my web-sites on the net. Services or products new proficiency, you will find a finding out bend yet not a large just one. The moment fitted the system has lots of attributes which necessarily mean you may without difficulty modify the web page to seem how you will like it to by using jacks and making use of unique subjects. An internet site put in place making use of this software is both equally straightforward to mount and to customize.

While you are a web based business manager, much of your target should be to make an ongoing revenue for your self. To try this you want to for being out promoting your online business but not passing time figuring out how to conduct the computer programming so as to transform the feel and appear within your web page. Also, on account of it’s ease of use in this cms software, it will be easy to master your blog, and as a consequence your online business by yourself. That has a more advanced web page process, you’ll discover by yourself regularly depending using a web site owner for getting factors performed. That could produce a much better price tag and waiting far too.

Another in this cms can it be was made to be attracting yahoo and google. After you put a sheet of information coming to your website, google are quickly informed accessible in excess of to take a peek. As your websites are additional online search engine optimized, this would mean that when using key terms the right way as part of your information, you might delight in larger probabilities of having normal targeted visitors coming to your website. The readers that go to your web page with this normal targeted visitors, therefore are additional qualified all of which will very likely be curious about anything you build your blog.

So, there you may have several important positive aspects with Live journal when making world wide web small business. Of course, the fundamental famous brands make use of it far too.


How to make your own web server!

linux lamp serverThere are a few ways you can make a basic lamp “Linux Apache MySQL PHP” server. First you have deiced if you want use an old machine or dual boot with current one. If you want just try this for fun I would choose to run a virtual machine on your computer. If you are new to Linux I would recommend using Ubuntu. I feel its the easiest to learn and has the most support/information on the web. Once you get your machine setup and install Ubuntu. Last time I tried this I used 12.04

So you got Ubuntu 12.04 up and running now to make it a LAMP. Open the terminal and past this code to get it up to date:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get upgarde

Once you do that you will be able to install LAMP server server with this command:

sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

Once you do that you should be able to go to http://localhost in a browser and then see the Glorious It works!

Thats is all you need to if you want to just play with html and css. If you want try WordPress, you will want to install phpmyadmin with this command:

sudo  apt-get  install  phpmyadmin

Once you do this you will need to add a this line:

Include /etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf

to this file:
Once you do that restart Apache:
sudo service apache2 restart

You will then be able to access phpmyaddmin through http://localhost/phpmyadmin

So setup the database, Then in your terminal go /var/www/ this is your root directory. You cando this by typing in this command: cd /var/www

Once your there can download a copy of WordPress with this command: sudo wget

Then that is finished downloading unzip it with this command: sudo unzip

You will then be able to go to http://localhost/wordpress and then it just fill in the data that is reacquired from your database and you will be use WordPress on your own machine.
If you have any questions please let me know.

Ubuntu, my favorite linux disto

ubuntuI would have to say Ubuntu is my favorite Linux distro, because its very easy to use. Also if you get stuck on something it is very easy to Google it, and find a solution. I have had few issues, finding the correct wifi driver and finding a graphics driver. I have only ran it on older machines though. Id assume most in most newer machines I wouldn’t have these issues . That being said I was using a 12.04 Ubuntu lts on an 8 year old laptop for at least 3 months as my main work computer. I did have solid state hard-drive in it which really helped. The only reason I had stopped using it is because I got a newer computer with Windows 8. Which I am very annoyed with going from metro to desktop, and finding any of the settings. One of my main beefs is that, when I do duel screens it moves my desktop icons around. One day my icons might be all on my laptop screen and the next day some might be on the bigger main screen. I have never had any issues like this running Ubuntu. One last complete about Windows 8 is that its way to easy to download a virus. eehm CONDUIT!!!! 

I hear they make anti-virus ware for Linux, which I have never used. I just make sure to stay up-to date on the software. I also like that Ubuntu is so light on hard drive space my ssd drive is only 64 gigs. This was plenty of room for Ubuntu. Working with WordPress allot, I also find it handy being able to easily install it on my computer too. I hear it possible to do in windows. Maybe it seems way easier to copy and paste a few command lines into the terminal an away you go on your Lamp server. Its also fun to make your home server. My huge limitation is that I had dsl which makes things difficult.

Rss Feeds

rss feeds

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So My latest experiment involves a few things. Mostly I am trying to populate a site with only rss feeds. I know of two sites that have done extremely well, doing well over 20k impressions according to Google Analytics. My site is i about NASCAR I choose this not because I am NASCAR fan, but because there are 2.24 million monthly searches. So the traffic is there, and I though it would be easy finding rss feeds for NASCAR. The second part that I am interested in is .tk domains. They are free domain names if haven’t heard. I am also testing this on a free hosting account. You can see the site here. You will notice that the site is very plain and not very exciting. I have noticed with free hosting that server speed is not that fast, so editing things takes longer. Besides this more about testing how many views and how many impressions I will get based on rss feeds. Jon Cooper a co-worker is also running one of these sites and right way after launching it he had 30 impressions the first day. I also recomend following his blog. Since I launched it yesterday I will have to wait till tomorrow to see how its doing. I will give up date next week on this project is progressing.

Why you should use Google Plus

Most people I know shy away from Google Plus, because its not the most popular social media platform. Although some recent stats from last year say Google Plus is gaining on Facebook. Why use it though? Its more information that will be indexed by Google, we all want to rank high in Google. It would only make sense  to use their social media platform.

Here is something interesting I just tried. I have setup and have it forwarding its post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. As I have described  in some of my post regarding blogging automation.  Within 3hrs my Google Plus page was ranked 2nd after my first post.

dorr businesses listings


I know that traffic for “dorr businesses” is low. It more of the speed in which it happened. Also what got placed there, It was first posted on then WordPress re-posted it on Google Plus. Other than fact we know Google will rank its own stuff higher, I kinda thought the post would rank higher because that is where that post came from.

So I recommend to use Google Plus if your promoting something, I would wait longer for the friends and family type of feel like Facebook.

Black Hat Seo

black seo can is very interesting

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Black Hat SEO is a very interesting subject to me. In previous posts I have talked about automated blogging, which by it self really wouldn’t really be black hat.

Black Hat SEO is most commonly defined as a disapproved practice that increases a page’s ranking in a search engine result page (SERP). These practices are against the search engine’s terms of service and can result in the site being banned from the search engine and affiliate sites.

Making aliases and setting up several of these blogging networks, I am sure would be considered my most to be black hat. I just find it interesting if some one were to setup a lot of aliases and automate posts to dozens to of accounts that would trickle down to the social media platforms.  Would this would be effective? Of the clients I work with I have rarely seen any back links from social media platforms show up in ahrefs. Or for that matter any other site or software for viewing back links. On occasion sometimes I will see a Google plus or Facebook, but rarely Twitter. Don’t get me wrong I know social media is very important for a website or for that matter a business. If not for the back linking, at least for the traffic  that can be generated.

However I have noticed that blogs are crawled allot and get indexed fast by google. It would be interesting to see if the same article was posted on dozens of WordPress blogs using some basic seo techniques, how they would rank.

Blogging Automation Revisited

automated blogging flow chargSo as you may have noticed in a previous post, I have been working on how to automate blogging among some of the top social media platforms. I have been starting at the top with, through the sharing feature with WordPress branching off to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, and Google plus. Then from there I found you can automate Tumblr to post to Friend Feed. This is all that I have found so far. If any one knows any other blogging platforms that can be easily tied in let me know. I have been interested in Blogger, but I could only figure out how to make post go from Blogger to Google plus not the other way around like I was hoping.

I was also wondering what you guys thought of Path. I have it setup, but to me doesn’t seem like a very good platform. A social blog on a phone?

So since I am fairly new to blogging if anyone know of more blogs that be easily tied in. Or passably  know of different way please let me know. I find blogging automation very interesting, that you can make just one post and have it get set to all these blogs at once. Thanks for your help!

Creating your own WordPress child theme

When building my first WordPress child theme I ran into a road block pretty fast. The concept of building a child seemed fairly simple all you need to was make a style sheet and have it a folder within your themes folder. However in order for WordPess to pickup your child theme in the section of you install, your style sheet requires the following:  Theme Name, Theme URI, Description, Author, Author URI, Template, Version, Tags, and Text Domain. If you get any one of these incorrect, your child theme will not work. This was the case for me, I knew I was very close but some reason I couldn’t get it just right.  So I did what everyone does when they get stuck on something with WordPress, search for a plugin.

how to build a WordPress child theme

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It didn’t take long and I found one. One-Click Child Theme this plugin saves allot of time, all you have to do is install it. Then in the themes menu will have a new submenu called “Child Theme”. Clicking on that will give you a form that will allow you to make a child theme based on the current active theme. So you will have to theme you want to make a child theme active. This is how built the Catch Kathmandu child theme. So once you choose this, the plugin will build the style sheet for you and setup the file structure. Then all you need to is add your custom css to the style sheet, build custom page template, or do whatever is you wanted to do to customize the theme.

The best reason for building a child theme is because, you will be able to customize the theme to your liking. Then not have to worry about changes being lost in the next theme update. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or reach to me through social media.