Peaks Environmental

Peaks Environmental, LLC of Flagstaff, Arizona, offers environmental consulting services including site assessments, field investigations, remediation, and asbestos building surveys.

The team at Peaks Environmental has more than 20 years of experience and started this business to provide you with the professional, reliable, and educational services to address environmental concerns. Our clients range from industrial corporations to government agencies; and financial and real estate businesses to homeowners. Each client receives personalized service to meet unique project requirements.

Peaks Environmental, LLC provides cost effective and prompt environmental assessment and project management services for property transactions and development; underground fuel storage tank (UST) including chemical and fuel distribution facilities; and mining, industrial, and hazardous waste sites, to name a few. Each project is developed and completed within appropriate budget and regulatory constraints, and according to specific client needs. field personnel are OSHA certified for hazardous waste site operations (HAZWOPER).

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