Why you should use Google Plus

Most people I know shy away from Google Plus, because its not the most popular social media platform. Although some recent stats from last year say Google Plus is gaining on Facebook. Why use it though? Its more information that will be indexed by Google, we all want to rank high in Google. It would only make sense  to use their social media platform.

Here is something interesting I just tried. I have setup dorrdirectory.wordpress.com and have it forwarding its post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. As I have described  in some of my post regarding blogging automation.  Within 3hrs my Google Plus page was ranked 2nd after my first post.

dorr businesses listings


I know that traffic for “dorr businesses” is low. It more of the speed in which it happened. Also what got placed there, It was first posted on WordPress.com then WordPress re-posted it on Google Plus. Other than fact we know Google will rank its own stuff higher, I kinda thought the WordPress.com post would rank higher because that is where that post came from.

So I recommend to use Google Plus if your promoting something, I would wait longer for the friends and family type of feel like Facebook.

Social Media

I have been running a kind of experiment now for a just over a couple of months. Its by no means done. This is an experiment is Dorr Directory it is not just a social media experiment but also an seo one. I have just compiled a directory site of all the businesses I could find in the small town Dorr, MI. I then ran a Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ account for it. If you have not liked or followed it yet I recommend you do so. Starting out I watched the analytics very close. My site was only getting 5 impressions a day from the beginning of April to mid May. Despite that I though traffic or sessions was not doing to bad, keep in mind I just knocked out the theme and did a csv import of the business. So I was not making all the traffic, I just have been adding a few pictures here and there. I believe this is due to social media  a recent pie chart from my Google analytics show that around 25% of all my traffic is coming from social media.

socail media pie chart from dorrdirectory.comSo what all did do on these social media platforms? I wouldn’t say I did a whole lot I did a Facebook comment or tweet here and there may 3 times a week. I haven’t done too much with Google plus. Recently on Facebook I have like most of the dorr area businesses Facebook pages and have liked a few of their comments. I would like to try get to my Facebook followers up, most are friends and family. A work colleague Jon runs his site also Jon Cooper Music. He swears by Twitter we can show me in his analytics days where he tweeted and traffic to his site spiked.

If you have any questions or ideas for me id love to hear them please leave a comment below or reach to me via social media.


Black Hat Seo

black seo can is very interesting

Image from ebcortex.com

Black Hat SEO is a very interesting subject to me. In previous posts I have talked about automated blogging, which by it self really wouldn’t really be black hat.

Black Hat SEO is most commonly defined as a disapproved practice that increases a page’s ranking in a search engine result page (SERP). These practices are against the search engine’s terms of service and can result in the site being banned from the search engine and affiliate sites.

Making aliases and setting up several of these blogging networks, I am sure would be considered my most to be black hat. I just find it interesting if some one were to setup a lot of aliases and automate posts to dozens to of wordpress.com accounts that would trickle down to the social media platforms.  Would this would be effective? Of the clients I work with I have rarely seen any back links from social media platforms show up in ahrefs. Or for that matter any other site or software for viewing back links. On occasion sometimes I will see a Google plus or Facebook, but rarely Twitter. Don’t get me wrong I know social media is very important for a website or for that matter a business. If not for the back linking, at least for the traffic  that can be generated.

However I have noticed that wordpress.com blogs are crawled allot and get indexed fast by google. It would be interesting to see if the same article was posted on dozens of WordPress blogs using some basic seo techniques, how they would rank.

Blogging Automation Revisited

automated blogging flow chargSo as you may have noticed in a previous post, I have been working on how to automate blogging among some of the top social media platforms. I have been starting at the top with WordPress.com, through the sharing feature with WordPress branching off to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin, and Google plus. Then from there I found you can automate Tumblr to post to Friend Feed. This is all that I have found so far. If any one knows any other blogging platforms that can be easily tied in let me know. I have been interested in Blogger, but I could only figure out how to make post go from Blogger to Google plus not the other way around like I was hoping.

I was also wondering what you guys thought of Path. I have it setup, but to me doesn’t seem like a very good platform. A social blog on a phone?

So since I am fairly new to blogging if anyone know of more blogs that be easily tied in. Or passably  know of different way please let me know. I find blogging automation very interesting, that you can make just one post and have it get set to all these blogs at once. Thanks for your help!