High Page Sites to Get Free BackLinks

linksHere is a collection of 25 high page rank web sites where you can post your contents, create your profiles, and drop your site’s URL without any reciprocal link from your site. Getting high pr links are essential for getting good seo results. Once you create these high page rank backlinks, they will be a source of web traffic to your site for years to come. So, here is the list. There are also many more backlinks that we can build for, if interest contact us. We are a local grand rapids seo company.

1. eHOW.com

Write how to articles or videos. Post your link in your user profile. Also a useful source of info if you wish to understand how to make a move.

2. WikiHow.com

Just like eHow however, you can modify current wiki webpages or create your personal. Skillfully put your link in InchResources and InfoInch area

3. 43Things.com

You’ve to enroll in involvement. Post your personal objectives or answer published Inchto completeInch list. From time to time, place your personal link like a source.

4. Blogger.com

This is among my personal favorite. Construct your contacts and you may include hyperlinks to your site, add your Youtube . com videos and reddit pictures.

5. AssociatedContent.com

You can include your link in your user profile. Not really a preferred of my own.

6. HubPages.com

An additional site like Blogger and AssociatedContent. Place hyperlinks for your websites within the contents you create right here.

7. Delicious.com

Typically the most popular information position site. For those who have great blogs you are able to post them right here. In case your post would go to the house web page, you’ll appeal to a large number of high page rank backlinks and thousands of site visitors for a while. Be ready for manage the burden or else you brings lower your host.

8. Reddit.com

An additional information recognition site. Just like Delicious. Post your site articles right here try not to publish your whole site.

9. Solutions.google.com

Inquire and post solutions to other people concerns. You are able to post hyperlinks to your site in your solutions.

10. Xanga.com

A residential area weblog. Crete key phrase wealthy contents and hyperlinks for your websites within the articles.

11. Kiva.net

A microfinance site. You give loan to and be lent from person business owners. Produce a user profile web page and link to your site from your user profile web page.

12. Geocities.com

Among the earliest site. Produce a couple of small web sites and hyperlinks for your web sites in the geocities webpages.

13. Tweets.com

Produce a merchant account utilizing a key phrase and post your link in your user profile.

14. Propeller.com

An additional information recognition site. Place you site’s link in your user profile web page.

15. Tradebit.com

A website where you can purchase and sell electronic contents. Should you e-books, your personal documented songs, and so on., put your key phrases in itemizing directed for your site’s URL.

16. Angelfire.com

An additional aged site like Geocities. Make your small websites and set hyperlinks to your site around the small site webpages.

17. Weebly.com

An internet 2. site where you can create your personal small websites like Geocites. Make use of the exact same method you utilize for Geocites and Angelfire for back-links for your websites.

18. Blogowogo.com

Your blog gathering or amassing site. If you’re writing a blog, incorperate your Feed for their site and when you post new articles in your weblog, your web page at Blogowogo is going to be up-to-date.

19. Tumblr.com

Post and reveal your pictures, articles, hyperlinks, songs, and videos. Use you site’s link within the user profile web page.

20. StumbleUpon.com

Uncover excellent webpages and tell your pals. You are able to publish your website and person webpages to StumbleUpon.

21. Article dashboard.com

Typically the most popular post listing. Publish your posts with writer’s container below every post. You should use as much as two hyperlinks to your site in each post.

22. Reddit.com

Typically the most popular picture discussing site. You are able to drop your site’s link around the user profile web page.

23. MyBlogLog.com

Reveal your web exercise on one web page. Connect to your websites in the user profile web page.

24. FastCompany.com

If you’re enthusiastic about company concept, you need to register with this particular really highly regarded site. You should use anchor-text in your user profile web page to connect to your web site.

25. Youtube.com

Typically the most popular video clip discussing site. Without having a merchant account with Youtube . com, you need to register instantly. Add intriguing and humorous videos. Make your user profile and link to your site.


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