Blogging automation

wordpress to blogger

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Blogging automation is key if your building a blogging network. You want to be able to have one post go to multiple blogs. This way you get the most out of your article your posting, and you generate extra back-links if you them in your post. The reason for this post to test if this will get posted on I have hopefully set it up so that when I post this article it will get posted to Google plus then it will post to Also on a side note its good to have authoritative links or links that are not going to your target site. So hopefully this works or you will see another post similar to this one.

It appears this works different than I first thought. Blogger posts to Google Plus not vise versa. does a good jog of syndicating to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Path. I was hoping to post to Blogger as well, since it is Google owned I am sure they would rank the content well.

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