Flying Wrench

Flying wrench mobile repair has been a client of mine for a few months. They are a mobile small engine repair company in Utah. They are doing fairly well most of the terms we trying rank for hes on page 2. I think in few months after some more on page seo, as well as more more back links he will be on page 1 for these terms.

Flying Wrench Mobile Repairs was founded in 2002 by Brent Christensen.  Brent identified a need for mobile small engine repair in Utah County.  He believed that mobile repairs would eliminate at least one of the major problems associated with outdoor equipment repair–loading up the machine and transporting it to the shop.  He believed that he could provide most of the services provided by local shops–out of the back of his customized van–at his customer’s homes.  In order to efficiently accomplish these curbside repairs, Brent devised an innovative lift system that he installed on his service van.  This lift system allowed him to easily lift mowers and other equipment off the ground for blade sharpening and other repairs.

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